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Population Coin

World Population Coin is an innovative cryptocurrency that monitors the global population which allows owners to claim cities on an interactive map. Through our system, owners can stake their claim on a city, county, state, or country in the digital real world metaverse by holding enough coins ($WORLD) equivalent to the population of the region.

The number of coins required to stake a claim is equal with its population size. By participating in the process of claiming cities, users can unlock an array of benefits, including the distribution of rewards, Airdrops, DAO voting, and other long-term advantages.

About us

Claim Cities and Earn Rewards

Through the use of WORLD coins, users can stake their claim and gain ownership of cities by acquiring an equivalent number of coins relative to the population. While the cost of claiming a city is higher for more populous areas such as Tokyo, the corresponding rewards are also greater. Users can start by claiming smaller towns and cities, gradually progressing to counties, states, and even countries. Claiming a city is an investment that yields rewards while the user maintains ownership. Ownership can be sold/traded with others or released returning coins used to claim it.

  • Users will be able to interact with a world map of the globe, moving around and zooming in to view and claim cities of interest.
  • When cities are claimed, coins are locked through smart contracts until the city is sold, traded, or released
  • Benefits of owning cities include a 60% of the 5% transaction tax redistribution, free airdrops, DAO voting, and exclusive 1 of 1 NFTs, among others.
  • Claiming over 50% of a county will grant ownership and unlock additional rewards. The same applies to states and countries.
  • Global population increases by approximately 1% annually. To incentivize city ownership and offer higher rewards, we will distribute excess rewards in BUSD and BNB

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Experience an array of exclusive perks as a city owner

Frictionless Yield Generation

By owning a city, you can earn daily rewards. As part of the 5% transaction fee, 60% is distributed among city owners, providing a lucrative source of passive income. The number of city tokens you hold determines your potential rewards, which increase as you hold more tokens incentivizing others to trade the coin and earning higher rewards for city owners.

Exclusive NFTs

City owners can mint a unique and exclusive 1-of-1 NFT for every city they own. Each NFT is stylized by a local artist from the respective region and represents the city in a distinctive way. Owners receive a 5% royalty fee for each trade of the NFTs minted, higher percentage return on FYG, and future added real word functionality.

DAO – Voting rights

The World Population Coin functions as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where city token holders and coin stakers govern the platform through Executive Voting and Governance Polling. This governance structure ensures that all community members have a say in the platform’s decisions with democratic and inclusive decision-making.

Air Drop

Exclusive airdrops that are only available to NFT holders and city owners. Holding either grants access to free coins. Airdrops provide additional incentives for NFT and city ownership, adding value to your investments in our platform.


World Population Coin is a cryptocurrency native to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – providing fast, secure, and decentralized transactions at a low cost.


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  • Q1 2023

    Website Registration

    BEP-20 Token Creation ($WORLD)

    Website Release

    Social Media Account Creation

    Whitepaper Draft

  • Q2 2023

    Whitepaper Release v1.0

    Interactive Map Mock-Ups

    Discord Setup (Channels & Roles)

    BscScan updated token information


    Research (IDO, DEX, Smart Contracts, Audits, Marketing)

  • Q3 2023

    Private round pre-sales

    Expand the team to begin developing and prototyping an interactive world map to claim cities, counties, and states

    Smart Contract Implementation

    Initial Submission of IDO (Initial DEX Offering)

    Initial Submission to DEX (Decentralized Exchanges)

  • Q4 2023

    Security Audit

    Wallet integration with website

    Coin Market Cap & Coin Gecko

    Internal testing and prototyping of interactive world map

  • Q1 2024

    First-round public pre-sales

    Release interactive world map for testing (United States)

    Frictionless Yield Generation


    Liquidity Pools

    Begin developing iOS & Android releases for interactive world map

  • Q2 2024 & Beyond

    World release of the interactive map and claiming cities, counties, and states through the website

    iOS & Android App Release

    Listing on CEX (Centralized Exchanges)

    Aggregate API to update World Population in real-time

Our Team

Michael Dehen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Celestina Snyder

Chief Marketing Officer


Troy Mccabe

Chief Technology Officer


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